Brinquedos Divertidos e Educativos para Bebés e Crianças Pequenas

Brinquedos Divertidos e Educativos para Bebés e Crianças Pequenas

Na Mini-Me acreditamos que brincar é a melhor forma de aprender. Por isso, a nossa cuidadosa seleção de brinquedos inclui itens que ajudam no desenvolvimento motor, cognitivo e social das crianças. 
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Ideias de Presentes para Bebés e Crianças Pequenas (0-2 anos)

Ideias de Presentes para Bebés e Crianças Pequenas (0-2 anos)

Descobre ideias encantadoras de presentes para crianças pequenas e celebra o Dia da Criança 2024 com momentos especiais. Encontra o presente perfeito!
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Coletes Flutuadores Monneka: São melhores do que braçadeiras?

Coletes Flutuadores Monneka: São melhores do que braçadeiras?

Vamos explorar por que motivo os coletes flutuadores Monneka são uma opção superior em comparação com as braçadeiras tradicionais.

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Os Melhores Brinquedos Educativos para Bebés de 6 Meses

The Best Educational Toys for 6 Month Old Babies

The first months of a baby's life are crucial for their cognitive, emotional and physical development. During this period, babies begin to explore the world around them and it is essential to provide them with adequate stimuli to promote healthy growth.
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A Little Dutch na Mini-Me

Little Dutch at Mini-Me

Discover everything about Little Dutch: History, collections, mission and values.
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Trator Madeira LD Historia Brinquedos Mini-Me

The History of Toys

When did the first toys appear? What were they like? Discover everything about the history of toys!
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beneficios blocos meli mini-me

What are Meli blocks? Discover all the benefits

In the ever-evolving landscape of children's toys, Meli Blocks stand out not just as building blocks, but as portals to limitless imagination and creativity. Designed with children in mind, these vibrant and versatile blocks offer a myriad of benefits that both children and parents will appreciate.

Let's dive into the exciting world of Meli Blocks and discover why they are an essential addition to any family.

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trotineta diversao infantil mini-me

The Power of Toy Rotation: Maximizing Fun and Child Development

Is it worth changing toys ? What is toy rotation and why is it most beneficial for children?

In a world where being a child is synonymous with curiosity and boundless energy, toys play a crucial role in child development.

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Cubos LD Brinquedos para crianças de 1 ano - Mini-Me

The best toys for 1 year olds

Promote Play in Growing Minds

The first year of a child's life is full of huge milestones, from rolling around to taking their first steps.

As they approach their first birthday , babies become increasingly curious and want to explore the world around them. Choosing the right toys for your one-year-old baby is extremely important for their development.

From sensory exploration to fine motor development, the best toys for this age group engage the senses and encourage discovery. Here is a curated list of toys that are not only fun but also encourage key developmental skills.

torre argolas LD brinquedos de madeira - Mini-Me

5 reasons to choose wooden toys

No lights, no music, no motor... Are wooden toys old-fashioned? See 5 good reasons to prefer these toys!

Hello September!

🍁🍂 Do you know someone whose birthday is this month? It's likely! September is normally the month with the most births in Portugal, with the 16th in first place! 🏛...
Chupetas em Silicone ou Látex? - Mini-Me

Silicone or Latex Pacifiers?

When it comes to products for our Mini, obviously we always want to choose the best. However, sometimes there are so many options that we feel overwhelmed... and even when...