Mini-Me ships to mainland Portugal and the islands, with the shipping cost defined depending on the value of the order and destination.

In mainland Portugal , on orders worth €50 or more, shipping is free (except during specific campaigns such as Black Friday, Easter, among others) . For orders with a lower value, the following values ​​will be applied, depending on the weight of the order:

  • Orders under €60: €4.00

For shipments to Azores and Madeira , the following rates will apply:

  • Orders up to 3kg: €9.90
  • Orders of 3-5kg: €11.90
  • Orders of 5-10kg: €14.90
  • Orders of 10-15kg: €19.90
  • Orders of 15-20kg: €22.90

Orders are dispatched within 1-2 business days after payment confirmation. Whenever possible, orders placed before 3pm are dispatched on the same day. Delivery of the order is carried out through a carrier, with registered shipping. You will receive an email with tracking number information so that you can make changes if you wish and/or monitor the delivery of your order.

After the order has been dispatched, it is usually delivered within 1-2 working days (in mainland Portugal). Delivery times may be longer in times of high volume of orders.

Please note that Mini-Me only dispatches orders on business days (between 1 and 2 business days after payment confirmation), therefore, to estimate the delivery time of your order, weekends will not be taken into account. -week, nor public holidays. Please note that the dates indicated are estimates, therefore, any delay in the dispatch of items and delivery of orders, in relation to the dates shown on the website, does not entitle you to any compensation.

The delivery address may not coincide with the billing address. You can therefore choose to receive the order at your place of work and keep your personal address as the billing address. To do this, simply indicate it at the time of finalizing the purchase.

Mini-Me is not responsible for loss, damage or loss arising from transportation. When receiving the order, check the external condition of the packaging, and in case of visible damage, this must be reported on the Transport Guide, which is signed and returned to the carrier. When accepting the order, it is considered to be in good condition. In case of return to the sender due to the order not being claimed, due to an incorrect or insufficient address, resending will only be done upon payment of the shipping costs again73