No lights, no music, no motor… Are wooden toys old-fashioned? We don't think so!

Discover with us the great advantages of choosing these toys for your Mini. We present 5 great reasons!

1 – They invite imagination and creativity

With wooden toys , the engine of play can only be your Mini's own energy and imagination!

Without the distraction of a light or a voice telling you what to do, the child will resort to their own creativity to play, to imagine all kinds of adventures and find new challenges to solve. Infinite car tracks are created, people full of chores and animals like we've never seen them before. With this, the child also develops their spatial sense, initiative and ability to solve problems.

2 – Stimulate learning

To understand and assimilate the world around them, children look for examples among adults or other older children. As wooden toys tend to recreate the objects used by adults, when playing, children also learn everyday actions – they gain autonomy and communication, developing their motor and reasoning skills. Both the most sophisticated wooden toys, such as kitchens and workshops, with classic puzzles and building blocks have this pedagogical value, helping your Mini to learn by imitation or simply to understand how adult things work.

3 – They are safe, resistant and durable

In addition to never becoming obsolete simply because a more modern version has become available, a wooden toy can fall, fly or even dive and still continue to work. There are no loose parts that could be swallowed or sharp edges that could hurt your Mini. That’s why… they last a long time! Who knows, maybe one day you'll have a grandchild playing with the same toys !

4 – More ecological

All wooden toys are sustainable and ecological, as wood is a biodegradable and renewable material. The paint itself is typically water-based. At the same time as saving the environment from the metals and toxic materials present in batteries and plastic waste, wooden toys save parents' wallets, as they no longer need to keep an endless supply of batteries!

5 – Promote attention to detail

Without other more obvious distractions, we appreciate aspects that normally go unnoticed: Small differences in texture, shape, color and weight, or even small changes in the movement of a toy, which requires a little more energy to move. If the parents themselves notice these details, even though they already know what to expect when picking up the toy, imagine the interest of their Mini who is discovering them for the first time!