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Little Dutch is a brand of Dutch origin dedicated to babies, toddlers and preschoolers, created by a mother in the attic of her house and which has since evolved very successfully throughout Europe, without losing sight of its family origins.

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For over a decade, it has been creating a vast collection of versatile, interesting and practical products, for use at home or on the go. To give to or as a gift, Little Dutch designs enrich children's development and growth and help parents in their educational missions.

In its toys , children's clothing and bedroom textiles, in essential accessories for meals, school and trips, Little Dutch guarantees that each product is a true treasure, for the fun of the little ones and for the desires of their children. country. All products have a timeless sense of style, are fun to play with and completely safe for children to use.

Little Dutch is committed to supporting both parenting and each child's development as much as possible, no matter what each day brings, more adventures or more routines. The designs are as functional as they are fascinating, focused on unique details that convey joy, add comfort and bring ease to the whole family.

Little Dutch makes everyday happiness even happier.

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Design & Collection

Little Dutch focuses equally on the quality and design of its products, which are carefully crafted, with the greatest attention and care put into each one of them. Plus, parents can rest assured that each piece is thoroughly tested. Each product features amazing details and is made from high-quality materials.

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Every year they introduce new themes with aesthetically pleasing patterns and prints that are transmitted throughout the brand's various products, creating several collections with their own identity. This means that your products have a distinct appearance, but at the same time there are different styles for each child and each stage of development.

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Timeless but at the same time interesting, Little Dutch products are designed to integrate perfectly into daily family routines and at the same time adapt to your own lifestyles.


Little Dutch is all about love and family, about daily rituals or unexpected moments, about everyday routines and new adventures. From caring and sleeping to playing and entertaining.

With quality, comfortable and beautifully designed products, they aim to make every small and big step in a child's development very enjoyable, providing support for both mothers and fathers in the many challenges of parenthood.

Little Dutch is an endless search for family happiness.


The brand's vision is to be a worthy addition to the growth of children and their parents, day and night. From the very beginning, they seek to inspire with practical and tender products, which add more happiness to family life and each child's journey.

' Enjoy the Little Things'

It's the little everyday things that bring us true happiness. Like seeing a smile on a child's face or a newborn sleeping peacefully and safely. Having a cozy family dinner, a day of playing with the children, but also a comforting and welcoming baby room, or a baby care product that is used for the first time. Little Dutch encourages children and their parents to enjoy the little things in life.

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