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Set of 4 finger paints - "Luka" | Neogrun

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By Neogrun

Set of 4 finger paints - "Luka" | Neogrun

Children discover the world of colors in their own way - often by covering themselves in paint from toe to toe and also putting it in their mouths. That's why Neogrün finger paints were developed in such a way that an unforgettable and safe painting is a certainty.

These paints are the perfect fun for all ages, combining the freedom of unlimited play with a safe sensory experience.
Made from natural and renewable raw materials with safe vegetable and mineral pigments.
The particularly creamy, drip-free consistency and the extra-flat cup make neogrün® finger paints a special experience and are ideal for little artists.
The soft natural color palette promotes color perception at a young age through calm, focused sensory play.
Additionally, the finger paints are independently tested and certified to also meet strict, eco-friendly and vegan standards.

Finger paints are easy to spread, water-soluble, dilutable and can be mixed together.
Colors can be used on paper, cardboard, glass, stone and many other surfaces, not just hands and feet.

2+ years

Technical information
4 x 120g of paint - yellow, green, pink and purple

Free of: Eggs, Peanuts and Tree Nuts, Fish, Milk, Soy, Wheat
Ingredients: Water, organic corn starch, salt, purified chalk and clay, organic sugar, organic vegetable oil, humectants and thickeners of vegetable origin, cosmetic and food grade mineral and vegetable pigments
preservative- phenoxyethanol <1%,
bitter substance- denatonium benzoate

Wet colors can be easily removed from most non-absorbent surfaces with a sponge.
Natural colors may leave a slight stain on natural fabrics - protect sensitive surfaces from contact with dyes.
We recommend protecting the colors from light when not in use to preserve the luminosity of the vegetable dyes.

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